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Bill Self is obviously hoping to bring him to the Kansas Jayhawks

Postano: 04 srp 2019, 03:43
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Caleb Love , a five star guard prospect out of the 2020 college basketball recruiting class ... y-c-6.html, will take an official visit with the Kansas Jayhawks on Sunday.

This news was relayed on the mean streets of Twitter by Rivals and Stockrisers reporter Jake Weingarten, who also mentioned the North Carolina Tar Heels recently offered the young man. Not exactly shocking Carlton Bragg Jr. Jersey, as the youngster is getting a lot of attention during his recruitment process.

Not only is Caleb Love considered a five star prospect, but most reputable recruiting service websites consider him one of the 30 or so best talents in the entire 2020 recruiting class. Time will tell who lands the young man.

The Arizona Wildcats and Tennessee Volunteers have both already offered the talented prospect. Illinois ... y-c-7.html, Kansas State, Missouri and a bunch of other good programs are also attempting to lure the youngster to their programs. It makes sense, as he’s projected to be an immediate impact when he hits campus in roughly two years.

Nevertheless, Bill Self is obviously hoping to bring him to the Kansas Jayhawks.

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